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The Verdict on Innerspring Vs. Coil Mattresses

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The Verdict on Innerspring Vs. Coil Mattresses

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Spring mattresses are a staple in traditional style American mattresses and offer support to those that prefer a sleep with durable, long lasting support. Innerspring and Coil Spring mattresses are the two most widely known types and both offer support in their own ways. At BoxDrop Corpus Christi, we will always work to help you make the purchase most suitable to your needs.

Innerspring Vs. Coil Spring

Innerspring mattresses are a standard and can provide a comfort and sturdiness that provides a restful nights sleep for the user. The structure of the Innerspring mattress includes a wire frame interior that has a series of connected coils and a padded layer over along with a fabric cover. 

Coil Spring mattresses offer a more supportive network of coils, within the mattress, that are lined in cloth and fabric around the coil. There is an extra layer of comfort through the padding available around the coils and within the mattress that will offer relief by easing pressure points when sleeping.

Both mattresses offer support and durability that is sure to last and withstand many comfortable night’s sleep and you can sleep well knowing you’ve saved the most on your purchase.

BoxDrop Corpus Christi has a wide selection of brand name, quality, and luxury mattresses available at up to 80% off retail price. We offer financing through ACIMA with only $50 down and a 90-Day payment option; ask us about it when you stop by our showroom.

BoxDrop Corpus Christi is a locally owned, and veteran operated, mattress store that has over a decade of experience in the industry. We have assisted our clients with a long-term mattress investment and we hope to help you find your best mattress match and get you the comfortable sleep you deserve.

Check out our Facebook and Instagram for customer testimonials and promotional offers. Contact us today at (361) 876-4445 to set up a consultation to test our inventory at our store, located at 1251 Nile Drive, Corpus Christi, Texas.

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